The Village of Glendon

Important place in the history of Alberta

  1. Highlights Glendon, Alberta
  1. Incorporated : February 15, 1956
  2. Population : 486 (2012)

sign of Welcome to Glendon
  • Location of Glendon:
  • Located within the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Glendon is surrounded by numerous recreational and fishing lakes, such as Minnie Lake, Bangs Lake, Moose Lake, Muriel Lake, Seibert Lake (trophy), Pinehurst Lake, Spencer Lake, and many others.

  • Attractions in the Village Of Glendon: 
  • Many tourists travel through the village to see our Pyrogy and to access the Lakeland Provincial Park. The Village of Glendon would like to welcome you to the home of “The World Largest Pyrogy” which is situated in Pyrogy Park just off Pyrogy Drive.